But Why Da Slockbower Boyz???

Da Slockbower BoyzOkay, a further explanation is obviously in order.

Slockbower => because that is my last name (my married name). It’s got a humourous sound to it, doesn’t it?

Da Boyz => because my two horses are geldings, hence BOYS.

Put them together . . . because the two of them are quite a pair, and they are always getting into some kind of trouble at the barn where I board them. Monarch’s Reign and Detroit Iron are the only two gray horses at the barn, which already makes them stand out. Before they arrived, the barn’s nickname was “Bay Watch” because all of the horses were bays. This is the most common colour for Thoroughbreds — but why be common? Grays stand out in the crowd!

It also happens that my two guys are right across from one another in the barn, so as you look down the aisle you see their two heads right across from each other. This makes them seem even more of a pair. And because of their hijinks, they have been nicknamed “The Slockbower Boyz” like the little pair of troublemakers they are.

But as their Mom, I love them and I know they don’t really mean any harm. They are just having fun!

This cartoon captures the look and spirit of Monarch (left) and Andy (right) perfectly. I am forever indebted to my extremely talented friend and fellow OTTB-owner, Melanie Eberhardt, for this cartoon . . . as well as for many of the illustrations on this site. Read the artist’s description of her wonderful cartoon on Melanie’s Eberhardt Working Blog site.

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