Andy's New Trick

Suellen writes . . .

Both of the Slockbower Boyz are pranksters, but FofoAndy is especially troublesome in the wash rack. He is the kind of horse who likes to put everything in his mouth, so he’s likely to pull the brushes out of the racks, chew the snaps on the cross-ties, or nibble on my clothes while I’m grooming him. (He does NOT bite me, he just likes to pull at my clothing.)

He also LOVES to play with the hose, and he always has to have water to drink when he’s in the wash rack. I don’t know if this is a holdover from his racing days, or just a quirk of his personality, but he can’t seem to be in the wash rack without pawing at the floor demanding water. And, of course, he also has to play with the hose when it’s on.

But this weekend, which was the coldest we’ve had this winter, Andy came up with a new trick that showed how smart he is, and how silly he can be. I was cold-hosing his right front fetlock, which he’d injured slightly earlier in the week, and he kept licking the water off his leg, pawing the wash rack, and generally letting me know that he wanted some water to drink. So I got small feed bucket, filled it about a quarter of the way with water, and stuck it under his nose. He put his head in the bucket, but did not drink the water. Instead, he grabbed the rim of the bucket in his teeth and started pulling it away from me. I could almost see what was coming — if he pulled, and I pulled back, and he let go, I’d end up covered in water. So, thinking I was smarter than him, I relaxed my grip on the bucket a little . . . and Andy proceeded to pull his head up sharply, which caused the bucket to flip upside down, and dumped ALL of the water out all over me, the wash rack and the aisle.

He was VERY pleased with himself. I swear he was smiling.

Thoroughbreds are WAY too smart!