One Part Horse, Three Parts Mud

Muddy Monarch and his CLEAN brother FofoAndy

Monarch writes . . .

Mom, I know you duz not like me ta roll in da mud. But I can’t help mahself. It’s been such a warm winter here in Georgia, and dere has not been any snow ta frolick in, but dere haz been lotz a rain, which haz made lotz of luvely MUDD fer me and da other hosses ta roll in.

The Bits and Bytes Spa

Us  hosses, we feelz like we’z in a swanky spa, wid all dis free mud jus’ lying around waitin’ ta be rolled in. I try my best ta get a good coating at least once a day, and of course ta get both sidez equally muddy. You’ve seen da results . . . I’ve heard ya swearin’ about it when ya brushes me. Why bother brushin’ me when I’m jus’ gonna go get muddy all over again tomorrow!

Elizabeth sayz she’s gonna start chargin’ extra fer da mud treatments. Barry sayz he’s gonna start chargin’ fer the erosion we hosses is makin’ when we bringz all da outside dirt inside! hahaha But I knowz dey is jus’ jokin’. Dey lovez us hosses.

No Nicknames, Please

But I do haz one complaint: Since I’m gray, and now I’ve turned orange from rollin’ in all dat nice clay mud, da other hosses is callin’ me “Pumpkin.” Dis is not respectful. I iz a Thoroughbred, after all, and I have a long pedigree and everything like dat, and I should not be given nicknames like I wuz some Shetland Pony or sumpin like dat.

(Owner’s note: Then don’t roll in the clay and turn ORANGE, Monarch! You brother Andy manages to stay clean, you could, too, if you just put some effort into it!)

Anyway, Mom, even tho I haz gotten dat nickname, I can’t seem ta stop rollin’ in da deep (mud, dat is). It’s one of the perks of bein’ an OTTB, after all — at da track, we never got ta roll in mud.

Love — Momo

P.S. — I know you had planz ta give me a bath dis weekend, but haha it’s gonna rain and you can’t. So I’ll be your little Pumpkin fer at least one more week!