Detroit Iron aka "Fofo Andy"

Detroit Iron

There is a saying among horse owners: “Horses are like potato chips. You can’t have just one.”

There’s another one as well: “You’re not poor, you’re horse rich!”

I guess I could say that both of those are true for me.

Detroit Iron, whose nickname is Andy (also Fofo Andy, which I’ll explain later), is my second OTTB. I purchased him in March 2011. I never thought I’d want or need a second horse; my life was already pretty darn full with just Monarch in it. But I took one look at Andy at his breeder’s farm in Kentucky and I just knew I needed to add him to my “herd.”

Andy is gray, just like Monarch, and of course he’s a Thoroughbred gelding, but the similarity between the two horses pretty much ends there. (Well, unless you include the fact that BOTH of my horses like to get themselves in trouble!) Monarch is big-boned, long, and turns a little like a cruise ship. Andy is short-coupled, lean, and agile. Monarch lives to eat, while Andy just eats to live. And Andy actually had a successful, albeit short, racing career. He raced 15 times, and even made it to the winner’s circle.

Detroit Iron was bred by George Pettit, and he’s got a pretty great international pedigree. He’s got Caro for a grandfather, and like Monarch he has Buckpasser in his family tree.

Fofo Andy had a decent racing career, with one win in 15 races. His breeder owned him until I purchaed him as a four-year old, when he was done racing and ready for a new career as a sport horse.

Because the owners of Bits & Bytes Farm, where I board, have such a good reputation for placing race horses in good second homes, they were contacted by George to help him find a good forever home for Andy. This is a horse who was truly loved by his breeder, and the first time I laid eyes on Andy I could see why. He is sooooo sweet! He loves to lay his head next on my shoulder and breathe warm horse breath into my ear. If I take Monarch out for a ride, he gets jealous. And he just loves Elizabeth’s yearling, Saint Lawrence.

His breeder gave him the nickname “Andy.” I gave him the nickname “Fofo Andy.”