Fofo and the Sea Horse

So Romeo the Sea Horse

So Romeo the Sea Horse . . . water by "Fofo Andy"

Fofo Andy writes:

Mom, I iz sooo sorry ’bout dat problemz wid da flooded barn aisle. Guess it really wuz an “isle” when I gotz tru wid it, wuzn’t it? hahaha. Dat’s a hoss laff.

I iz sorry. I could not resist. So Romeo, he had been tauntin’ me fer some time, callin’ me namez, snappin’ at my butt when I went by in da barn . . . so finally I gotz mah chance ta get back at him, and I took it! A hoof fer a hoof, dat’s what I say. Yes, I got out of mah stall during the night. Yes, I turnded on da water. And, yes, I left it on. (Actually, I’z not dat smart. I wuz lucky I figgered out how ta turn it on, ferget about me figurin’ out how ta turn it off!)

I admitz it. Dat water ran all night, right outside of Romeo’s stall, and he jus’ kept climbin’ higher and higher on dat pile of manure dat kep’ gettin’ smaller and smaller. His little island of poop wuz da only thing keepin’ his precious little hoofies out of da water in his stall. And we all wuz laughin’ big hoss laughs, all of us. We had to hush Audible, cuz her mule laughs wuz so loud we wuz shure she’d wake you up!

But I iz sorry, cuz it was your first time takin’ care of da barn all by yerself, and I picked dat particular night ta make such a mess. Now Elizabeth and Barry prolly think yer a dope, and dat’z mah fault. But, den, dey prolly knowz already you not too bright, cuz you putz up wid me and Monarch!

Luv and hoss kisses —

Fofo Andy